Wednesday, July 22, 2009

80% Off at!

So I've never blogged about this site but it has quickly become my new favorite way to save money!

Right now they are having an 80% off sale! What does this mean?

You can get a $25 gift certificate to restaurants every where, some of your favorites might even be on there, for only $2.00!! YES! $2.00!

Now you can other demoninations for really cheap too but who can resist only spending $2.00 for some of the finest restaurants?!

Please make sure to read the requirements for each because there are certain rules like at most of the restaurants I'm buying for you can use the $25.00 gift certificate anytime but minimum purchase is $35.00. So it cost me $12.00 total! What a deal!

So go here and type in your zip and see who is on there. And don't forget to enter the code word: NAPKIN at checkout to get your discount!

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