Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Chocolate! Mar's Real Chocolate Relief Act.

Today, and every Friday, you can go here and request
your coupon for a FREE candy bar from Mar's!

This is EVERY Friday starting at 9am EST through 11:59 PM.

This will go on all summer so you have PLENTY
of chances to get yours. They are allowing you to get 4 per household which is super
generous and I got mine last week and again today.

Takes 6-8 weeks to get your coupon.
250,000 available each Friday.
And even more special? TODAY ONLY they are releasing an extra
250,000 coupons so your chances are super high!!

Go get yours now!


sabatlis said...

Its Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act not Hershey

Deena said...

Thanks for correcting me!! :-)

Ruthie said...

Yea, I have a coupon on the way. Thanks so much.