Friday, October 9, 2009

HOT COUPON ALERT: Good Egg Project - Buy One Dozen, Get One Dozen Eggs FREE COUPON!

This one will go FAST!

Join America’s egg farmers in a commitment to living more healthfully and giving back to the community. For every pledge made, we will donate one egg to Feeding America – up to one million eggs! That’s in addition to the 12 million eggs donated annually. Pledging is easy. Simply provide your name, email and zip code, and “sign” the pledge by checking the box. That’s it!

Go here and sign up now! It's a Bricks coupon so you can hit the back button TWICE and the coupon is good until 12/31/09!


etorvik said...

Hi there,

Thanks for posting about the BOGO Free dozen eggs in October and supporting the Good Egg Project! America’s Egg Farmers are at it again! Be on the lookout for a new BOGO coupon on December 2, available at 9 a.m. CST – this time, downloadable coupons will be available for the first 10,000 people pledging to “Eat good. Do good everyday” on

Erika Torvik
On behalf of America’s Egg Farmers

Mom That Makes Cents said...

Thank you so much for letting me know! I will post about it today! :)