Friday, February 27, 2009

Making a Deal with Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is doing something new! For the first time they are going to have a value menu (you can see it above) where you can mix & match your selections for one price. Pretty cool!

The Dairy Queen blog here is doing something pretty neat for bloggers. They want to know what kind of deal I would make with them for being able to try their "Sweet Deals" for FREE!

Well, you know I love free stuff so here is a list I put together. DQ are you listening?

1. Link in my blog to the DQ blog permanently in my blog roll
2. Blog shamelessly to promote your new menu
3. Drive the distance that the nearest DQ is from me to TRY the new menu (it's about 30-40 miles)

Ok, so I think all of those are a great deal! So DQ, do you?

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